I no longer have a deep desire to share

“I’m at a point where I no longer have a deep desire to share my music with anyone, having spent many years imparting my songs to the public. Although I have great respect for the social dynamic of music — that it should be shared with others, that it brings people together — I now feel something personal is irrevocably lost in this process. Now, while I refuse to act wholly on this impulse (I refuse to take my audience for granted in spite of my mood), I’m still trying to find the value of the song in private.”

Sufjan Stevens interviewt Shannon Stephens

[Das ist eigentlich nur die Einleitung zu einer Frage, die Sufjan Stevens dann gleich noch stellt, hier aber nicht mehr steht. Aber ich fand seine Feststellung so nachvollziehbar und sympathisch. Weitere Sufjan-News: Im Dezember erscheint ein Instrumentalalbum von Sufjans Stiefvater Lowell Brams, auf dem Sufjan “Harmonium, Little Casio, Little Korg, Big Prophet, Prepared Piano, Unprepared Piano, Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Autoharp, Drums, Bass, Reedless Woodwinds, Bells, Shakers, Tambourine, Hair, Duct Tape and Keys” spielt.]

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